Archive | January, 2012

Cody Lockwood Welcomed to Power Riders Team

29 Jan

Cody Lockwood has been welcomed to the OJ Wheels: Power Riders team with this sick montage of clips of him shredding the skatepark in Hailey, Idaho.

50 Seconds with Dalton Dern at Surf Expo

29 Jan

Dalton gets in a few tricks on a large and deckless quarter pipe at Surf Expo 2012.

Mason Merlino at Vans Combi Pool

9 Jan

Not quite up for the challenge of wearing full pads and perhaps head high airs, Mason Merlino tests the transitions of the renowned Combi Pool at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, California. For his valiant effort a newly acquired swellbow was all his for a long road trip home to Oregon.