As a small independent skateboard brand with many years of skateboarding experience among us, we’re stoked to make it known that Lifeblood Skateboards are produced in North America by PS Stix. Over the past twenty-five years lifelong skateboarder and master craftsman “Professor” Paul Schmitt has constructed superior skateboards for numerous premium brands and his proprietary designs have directly affected millions of skateboarders throughout the world.

As you might already know, I’ve personally skated, tested and endorsed Paul’s skateboards since my years as a professional with his original Schmitt Stix brand. PS Stix decks have been performance-proven over the past two and a half decades and have unquestionably established a benchmark of quality craftsmanship by which all other manufactured skateboards are measured.

If you regularly skate the streets, the skateparks, ledges, rails, gaps, pools, pipes, ditches and assorted terrain like we do, then you’ll probably dig our board sizes, shapes and concaves. Lifeblood skateboards aren’t necessarily “one size fits all”, but our wider shapes tend to allow you to skate all sorts of spots with one set up. Simply put, we don’t feel that a board width measuring under 8 inches wide can properly handle it all. We’re truly committed to deliver quality skateboards and offer soft goods that fit the lives we live and yours as well.

Our Spring/Summer 2015 line of skateboards has arrived and this all-new line up features the work of several amazing artists. Click here to view a larger image of these boards. Once again, Jeremy Barber illustrated two vivid new Kevin Kowalski pro model boards tying in Kevin’s life out on the seaside of the central Oregon coast.

The Vice Trap series was illustrated by Craig Wheat and relates to a humorous look at some of the vices that skaters adhere to in their lives. Our Lifeblood Logo boards have been merged into a pair of panoramic photos taken and designed by Bryce Kanights. Both the Radillac Logo deck and Bowler Logo deck are available in two sizes and widths.

Our long standing and popular Coffee Cruiser shape has collaborated with Portland’s Extracto Coffee Roasters this season with the drinking skeleton artwork by local artist Steve Matthews. And the larger sized Coffee Cruiser Grande continues to roll in our line up as well with the artwork created by our friend and local Portland skater Andy Thompson.

Lifeblood’s favored Mini-Shred deck by the young guns with shorter stances comes in a new colorway and proves to be a great entry-level board to get those first grinds and kickflips. Just say no to plastic toys and gimmicks and get rolling on an authentic skateboards from that very first push!

Look for Lifeblood’s skateboards at better skateshops and retailers near you. If they don’t carry our goods, suggest that they do! If you don’t have a shop in your area, you can always acquire our goods online through or other online retailers as well.

The days are getting longer and warmer so get out there and shred with your friends. Skate everything!

- BK