Lifeblood X Blood Wizard Summer Tour – Part 1

20 Nov

In the midst of one of North America’s hottest summers on record, Lifeblood and Blood Wizard joined up for a road trip out to Colorado and back this past July with the desire and intentions to shred as much skateable terrain as possible for ten days straight.

Our minimal budget pretty much affirmed that motel rooms (and daily showers) were going to be slim to none. Still, made it happen with the generous support of Dylan Radloff at Oakley along with new friends and the welcoming offers to camp in their backyards. The road was calling and we were yearning for some great times shared on the road with plenty of skating new skate spots out there awaiting us.

Along for the ride were Kevin Kowalski, Dalton Dern, Cody Lockwood, Mason Merlino, Jack Given, Anakin Senn, Jerry Gurney, Chris Gregson, Toad, Johnny Turgesen, Bryce Kanights, Joey Martin, Frank Faria, and Mark Scott.

Part 1 delivers 9 minutes of action from a few of the parks that we hit up on our way out to Colorado. There’s more to come!

Dalton Dern in DAYLANDO

5 Nov

Have a look at Dalton Dern’s part in DAYLANDO – The full 50-minute DVD available directly through

Coffee Cruisin’ With Johnny Turgesen

14 Sep

Our Coffee Cruiser isn’t just another cute little fashionable trend accessory that seems to plague the skate market and malls these days. The original graphic is back in stock in our warehouse and Johnny lets it rip!