Cody Lockwood

Skateboarding entered Cody Lockwood’s life at a young age where he remembers stumbling upon a cheap Wal Mart skateboard in the vicinity of his grandma’s house in Klamath Falls, Oregon. From that point forward he’s been hooked and never stopped since. Over the past several years Cody has been making his mark amongst the rising new generation of skaters that have come from the modern skatepark era. That said, he can skate everything and anything with power, style, and big ole bag of gnarly tricks. Since moving to Portland he’s put in countless hours skating Burnside and the hidden crusty street spots in the metro area.

Not only is he tearing up all sorts of terrain, he’s also building it while earning a living with Mark Scott and the Dreamland crew with an assortment of skatepark projects across the USA. It’s very evident that skaters continue to design and build the best skateparks, and Cody is certainly a crucial player of that valuable stock.

Skateboarding has paved a way of life for him where he’s been fortunate to travel internationally to skate some of the best skateparks and skate spots throughout the world because of his dedication it.

Among his biggest skateboarding influences of Mark Scott and Benji Galloway, Cody is hyped on anyone that truly enjoys riding a skateboard as well. He is also hooked up with Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Nike SB (flow), Thunder trucks (flow), and Krew Apparel (flow) and he’s very grateful for the support.

Cody words to live by are, “Life’s too damn short, live it!”