Dalton Dern

Dalton ollies to melon grab and holds on for what seems an eternity above a massive double set in Florida.

Now entering into his last year as a teenager, Florida’s Dalton Dern is putting down some solid skate sessions on his skateboard. This young gun from the outskirts of Orlando enjoys getting down on his griptape whether it be a simple bank to wall, a twelve stair handrail, or a thirteen foot deep bowl. The truth is Dalton rips and his 10 years of skating it all backs up his diverse ability. His favorite spots to skate are often found around his home state in the cities of Daytona Beach, Lakeland, and Miami, but he’s quick to point out that Atlanta has plenty of great spots that he’s enjoyed as well.

Dalton’s first experience on a skateboard took place on his older brother’s 13th birthday around the time that the Vans Skatepark in Orlando had first opened and he decide to wanted to go there as well. He tried to roller blade at first and rolled a couple feet and immediately hated it – Dalton then opted to try skateboarding and started riding up and down every bank there. By the end of the night, he was hooked for life.

Dalton’s direct skateboarding influences include Heath Kirchart, Lizard King, Andrew Reynolds, and Tony Hawk along with his close friends at home.

When it comes to food he isn’t all that picky, but like most American teens, he prefers fast food, hamburgers, salmon, BBQ, and Italian fare – of course all with Coca~Cola!

Dalton to continues to push himself and those around him. He’s a versatile young gun with lots of style, plenty of ambition and growth ahead of him. He a great fit with the Lifeblood squad and we’re stoked to have him along for the ride.

Dalton’s other sponsors include: Theeve trucks, Vendetta Grip, Globe (flow), Pro-tec and 187.

His words to live by? “Skate or Die!”