Dalton Dern

Dalton ollies to melon grab and holds on for what seems an eternity above a massive double set in Florida.

New resident to Southern California, Dalton Dern is on the rise with his highly diverse range of tricks and freakishly good skateboarding talent. His progression circles back to learning and riding larger vert ramp transitions from a young age at his local Vans skatepark in Orlando, Florida; his exceptional skills with street terrain develop years later.

As seen widely online in the streets and parks, he can spin a 540 McTwist on just about any size of transition or embankment set before him. Be it a backyard pool, a mini ramp or a 2 ft. tall Jersey barrier, Dalton has ‘em on lock – but he doesn’t want to be known as “the 540 guy.”

He’d prefer to skate the streets and the larger rail spots with his friends regularly and he considers fellow Floridian Andrew Reynolds as one of his biggest influences.

He’s grown up considerably since he was first inducted to the Lifeblood team two years ago. From his first time setting up a tent and learning about life away from home while out on the road, he’s building upon those experiences for the better. He’s just returned from his first trip to Europe where he experienced the culture and numerous skate zones in Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. We not sure how he held up in the food department though as his diet is quite extraordinary.

Consider this, he views salads and other healthier provisions as “hipster food” and avoids eating such stuff as much as possible. He usually prefers fast food options and his sugar intake is inhuman at best. He frequently quenches his thirst with Coca Cola or blue Powerade and stays far away from water. Let just hope that diabetes doesn’t catch up with him anytime soon as Dalton has a lot more amazing skating to get done out there.

Dalton’s other sponsors include: Theeve Trucks, Power Rider Wheels, and Globe (flow).