Kevin Kowalski

Kevin rules the pool and nosepicks a unique line in Toldeo, Oregon

Kevin Kowalski has earned a wealth of respect amongst his peers and friends and fans of his style of skateboarding. Kevin’s exceptional abilities have earned him worldwide invitations to the X Games, Costal Carnage, Dew Tour, the Van Doren Invitational, Sweden’s annual Ultra Bowl event and others across Europe. Notably, he’s at the forefront of the new archetype of raw (and padless) bowlriders raising the bar while taking advantage of new, skateable terrain available to him.

Born and raised on the central coast of Oregon, Kevin grew up pushing around the rural streets near his home, but soon enough, he progressed upon the contoured concrete skateparks of Waldport, Newport and Lincoln City just a short drive from his doorstep.

With Kevin’s cumulative competition earnings and prize money in 2012 and 2013, he arranged the expertise of his friend and teammate Mark Scott and the Dreamland Skateparks crew, to design and build his very own unique skatepark in his backyard. It’s a creation like no other, and sure enough, you’ll see more of Kowalskiland in Lifeblood’s forthcoming video “ Service For The Sick” due out this fall.

When asked about the notable individuals that have influenced his style of skateboarding over the years, Kevin readily refers to Darren Navarrette, Peter Hewitt, Mark Scott, Chet Childress, Dan Drehobl and the Lifeblood crew among those that have had an impact on him and his skateboarding. That’s quite a powerful circle of influence!

Kevin’s sponsors include: Independent Truck Co., Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Freedumb Airlines, Converse CONS (Flow), Nature hardware, and Portland’s Cal Skate skate shop.

His words to live by? “Go skateboarding!”

Sure, why not?