Kevin Kowalski

Kevin rules the pool and nosepicks a unique line in Toldeo, Oregon

At 20 years old, Kevin Kowalski has been on one hell of a roll. He been traveling the world for the past four years experiencing some of the best skate spots that the planet has to offer, competing in contests, and skating in demos with his friends. Kevin is among the new, raw and padless generation of top bowlriders and skaters, the media, and his friends and fans are taking notice.

Born and raised in Oregon with Polish ancestry, Kevin grew up pushing mongo on the streets around his Newport, Oregon home. Soon enough, he graduated to the surplus of challenging concrete skateparks in the Pacific Northwest and today it’s very reflective in his lines, technical ability and assortment of gnarly tricks under his griptape.

Kevin regularly enjoys going on road trips with friends, skating new parks and backyard pools, listening to a wide range of rock and roll music, and meeting other like-minded skaters. As with most teen skaters it comes as no surprise that he dislikes authority, getting hurt, and wet weather.

While he plans on going back to school, continues to learn to play guitar, and spends time with his family, Kevin is currently working hard to complete the last sections of his very own concrete bowl at home with the help of Mark Scott and Dreamland skateparks. Just a few more yards of concrete to go!

When asked about the skaters that have influenced his skating over the years Kevin assuredly refers to Darren Navarrette, Peter Hewitt, Mark Scott, his pal Skreech, Dan Drehobl and the Lifeblood crew.

Kevin’s other sponsors include: Independent Truck Co., Bones Wheels, ERGO clothing (flow), I Path shoes (flow), Nature hardware, and Cal Skate skate shop in Portland.

Words to live by? “Go skateboarding!”