Mark Scott

Mark Scott is a lifelong skateboarder from the Pacific Northwest that really doesn’t need much of an introduction. He’s already been there and done that and by now, you should already know about him and his profound commitment to the core culture of skateboarding. With decades of dedication both upon his griptape and behind his concrete artistry, he’s literally shaped the much of the terrain that has been built and skated over the past 20 years. Appropriately, his influence runs deep!

Since first working to put Portland, Oregon’s DIY Burnside skatepark on the map back in 1990, Mark has paved a significant portion of this planet with a many of the sickest skateparks out there. From the wilds of Montana, to the tropics of Hawaii, to the far reaches of Italy and everywhere in between, Mark and his wife Danyel’s company, Dreamland Skateparks has designed and built numerous skate havens that have become destinations of stoke and incubators of progression for the next generations of shredders.

Mark comes to the Lifeblood family out of genuine stoke for living life as a skater under his own terms – no rules, no coaches or jocks. Like us, skateboarding to Red isn’t a sport, it’s a way of life and a continual passion for getting gnar on all sorts of skate spots and sharing good times with friends.

Clearly, Mark’s personal style and approach to skating is better understood and experienced first hand, not via video or photos. It’s not quite the same to see Mark ripping around a pool or a skatepark in digital form versus the real thing. His “fully committed” skateboarding is one that rolls akin to a fast moving freight train loaded with the “make or slam” ethic. And he’s got a great Elguerial in the bag too – so don’t miss out!

Mark’s other sponsors include: His wife Danyel, Independent Trucks, Power Rider Wheels, and Dreamland Skateparks.

His words to live by are: “Get it done.”