Mason Merlino

Mason styles a lien air upon a grand sized public mini ramp on California’s central coast

Born and bred within the rural surroundings of Roseburg, Oregon, Mason Merlino grew up as a fledgling skatepark rat and has steadily progressed and impressed over the years since. From a young age he was influenced by heavyweight pros and peers like Emmanuel Guzman, Lance Lesher, Mark “Red” Scott, and Peter Hewitt.

His current favorites include Ben Raybourn, Daniel Cardone and Grant Taylor. Like them, he skates it all too — banks, gaps, ledges, parks, pools, ditches, pipes – you name it. And with his versatile bag of tricks, he’ll happily adapt to the terrain in front of him with a huge smile on his face.

Through his love and freedom of skateboarding, he’s experienced living in Portland, numerous road trips, new friends, skate demos, competitions, travel to Europe, and more. A couple of years ago, he dipped out of the colder and wetter surroundings of his home state to live and skate in the year round sunshine of Southern California.

Now a Oceanside local, he frequents San Diego’s Washington Street skatepark and numerous other sun baked skate zones in the North Country region when he not working on freelance construction jobs.

Mason’s other sponsors include: OJ Wheels, Brixton, Independent Trucks, Mob Grip, and Vans (flow),

His words to live by are, “Have love, will travel.”