IPS Stinger DayGlo Orange Edition signed by Tom "Wally" Inouye
Full length view of top of deck.
IPS X Lifeblood Top Graphic - Numbered and signed by Tom "Wally" Inouye
John "Tex" Gibson, early release frontside air at Del Mar Skate Ranch 1980 by J. Grant Brittain
DEVO signs an original IPS Stinger, San Diego 1980 by J. Grant Brittain

IPS Stinger Skateboard - Limited Edition DayGlo Orange

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2019 Skateboarding Hall of Fame inductee Tom "Wally" Inouye's original Caster branded stinger shaped deck was first released back in November of 1978 in natural stained veneers. ThIs orange version had a short run before the Caster brand closed for business at the end of the 70s. Fortunately we located a couple of published photographs of these rare decks - one of them reveals a rising amateur from Texas better know as John "Tex" Gibson. In the photo, this hot shot new to the Caster squad is shredding Del Mar Skate Ranch's keyhole pool with his signature style on this orange IPS Caster deck. The other photo we found was an image of Devo at their merchandise booth with Sonny Miller's personal skateboard. Both photographs were shot by J. Grant Brittain. Classic times!

To commemorate this unique deck from an era of so much progression and inspiration, Lifeblood Skateboards has teamed up with Wally and Professor Paul Schmitt to produce a very limited edition of 50 of these decks.

Specifications: Manufactured by PS Stix, Inc. with 7-ply maple construction with wheel wells and finished with 70s era sharp edges. Fully dipped in fluorescent orange paint. Navy blue and yellow graphics via heat transfer application. Top graphic screen printed in navy blue ink. Numbered editions of 50 and personally signed by Wally with a black Sharpie on both the top and bottom of the deck.

Measurements: 31.125" long by 10.25" wide, 2.75" nose and 5.75" tail with a 17.25" wheelbase.

Enjoy this skateboard until the wheels fall off and/or hang it on your wall as a tribute piece to one of the most powerful and stylish skateboarding pioneers that is still out there riding pools and parks over four decades later with soul and passion in his heart. Get on board with Inouye's Pool Service - rolling strong in the backyards and skateparks since 1976!