Big Pig - Red
Big Pig - Red

Big Pig - Red

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We located a few of the original Big Pig decks in our archive which offer a throwback to one of the standard early 80s shapes that contributed to revolution of modern skateboarding. It rolls fast and steady sized at 10.50" x 30" with a 15.5" wheelbase, 3.5" of nose and 6.75" of tail. The top edge is sharper and the quadrant of wheel wells sweeten the experience for those riding larger wheels and looser trucks...just like it used to be decades ago.

This skateboard deck is primed for classic street tricks like boneless ones, walls rides and boardslides, along with equal stability on ramps, parks, ditches and bowls. In all honesty, the Big Pig provides a fun all-around skateboarding experience.

Fully dipped in bright red paint and vivid and colorful artwork by Casey McKinley.